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Check the fuel and oil levels when your portable generator is acting up - it won't start if these levels are too low. Please note that fuel quality is also important, as it can degrade after a while in storage. If the fuel has clogged up the engine, hire a home service pro to get it fixed.

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Published: 08/05/2019
He installed about 24 pot lights. He was missing one outside ring and said he would bring it the next day. He never came back, in spite of my calling him many, many times. Also in the kitchen he...
Published: 07/14/2019
great experience working with hotwire electric. The communication was great always were informed and where able to select the best options for our home than you the whole Hotwire team.
Published: 06/26/2019
We have worked on several major and large-scale renovation and residential jobs with Hotwire team we've been very satisfied with their process and their Crews and we are glad to have them as a part of our team over the...