Sewer Main - Install, Replace or Repair in CONESTOGO, ON

Sewer mains are very important and require proper installation - costs will vary depending on the housing type, the distance to a connector line, potential obstructions underground and pipe materials. Hire a home service pro to take care of your sewer main needs at home.

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Published: 04/11/2019
This is my 3rd time using Cosmopolitan. In 2009 they installed a new furnace, tankless water heater and A/C in my old house. In 2015 they repaired and eventually replaced the A/C in my current house. This March they replaced...
Published: 01/04/2019
Jake arrived on time, replaced a toilet that wasn't flushing properly and changed a faucet in the kitchen sink. He was efficient, pleasant, knew what he was doing, explained why he was doing it, and cleaned up after himself! I...
Published: 07/07/2018
Buyer Beware. This company over-invoiced their labour. For a total of just under 2 hours of work, they charged me 4.5 hours of labour. I lodged a complaint and was told it will be resolved into a final invoice. I...