Wood Shake or Composite Roofing - Install or Replace in Chatham Kent, ON

Wood shake roofs are known for their aesthetic qualities, durability and energy efficiency, as the material provides a natural insulation for the home and can help cut costs on energy bills. As composite roofs are made from a combination of roofing materials, they are known to be very durable.

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Recently Reviewed Chatham Kent Wood Shake or Composite Roofing

Published: 12/11/2018
The LondonEco-Roof moves roofing from a consumable material (asphalt shingles) to a relatively permanent structural component of the house. We were expecting to have to replace our roofing before the rated life expectancy of the shingles...
Published: 12/02/2018
The roof of my house was a disaster after the wind storm in May 2018. My wife and I didn't want some conventional old roof that wouldn't survive another storm like that one again. So we looked into putting on...
Published: 11/28/2018
We looked around for over a year had Robert from London Eco Metal in Ottawa I was surprised they have a factory in Ottawa Robert joked we are the local company with the out of town name. I highly recommended...