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Metal roofing has become a popular choice among homeowners, as they are known to last 40-70 years, compared to traditional asphalt roofing which typically only lasts 12-20 years. They are also known to be more energy efficient, as they reflect sunlight and absorb less heat.

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Published: 05/16/2022
My house was built in 2005. The building code then was R40 and over time compressed to R30 or less. Today code is R60 so I thought I would top off living space and also insulate above the garage...
Published: 05/11/2022
Did roof few years ago. Old satellite dish blew off the roof hanging over my eaves . They came and took down the satellite and fixed a couple of shingles at no cost to me . From London Ontario. I...
Published: 04/21/2022
The Tale Of Roof Replacement December I found a leak in the back room of my house I did a quick patch repair. I started to call companys in local area, for a quote, etc, the 2 companies, never return my...