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If you're deciding between vinyl or linoleum flooring in your home, vinyl floors are very resistant to moisture and tend to last 10-20 years, while linoleum floors can last 20-40 years, but require periodic sealing to keep moisture away.

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Published: 04/16/2019
The workers were excellent. They were very courteous and cautious with the inconvenience that the construction caused with the house. The work was completed in the time frame that was expected.
Published: 05/22/2019
Thanks Alex for the high-quality work. His company did a great job in a short time. The quality of the guys was top notch. They worked even on weekends. They didn’t meet the deadlines. for your friends. Alex you...
Published: 05/14/2019
Very well done job. Quickly, cleanly, professionally. If I need to install a tile, I will turn to MAESTRO ALEX FLOORING. My bathroom fireplace and entrance now looks wonderful. I recommend for everyone. Thanks Alex for a great job.