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When dealing with stains on upholstery, you should first vacuum the affected area, as it can help get rid of loose particles and fade the stain. You should then check the cleaning instructions of the furniture piece and determine your course of action from there.

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Published: 05/19/2019
Punctual, diligent, Booking the appointment was an ease. This company is very reliable and praises their work. They took ownership of their work and were realistic on what they could offer. But overal, what counts is that they did a great job with: Outstanding...
Published: 03/30/2019
They did a really good job! I give them 5 stars and recommend them to friends
Published: 03/25/2019
Company was proffesional, they were fast, and skillfull. I would recommand them. They did my 3 bedroom, stairs, hallway and living room on a budget.