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If you notice a decomposing piece of wood in your gutters, you should take action immediately before the rot spreads and the entire gutter system has to be replaced. You should also clean your gutters regularly, as excess debris can clog your gutters and trapped water can induce rot.

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Published: 01/15/2019
The job involved installing drywall (the old drywall had already been removed) in the front and back basement walls of a townhouse and filling some large holes. Bill's price was excellent and he was able to start right away. Bill...
Published: 10/31/2018
A very poor experience with Gillespie from the perspectives of workmanship and customer service. We hired them to re-caulk our shower, which had been leaking. After being quoted for a job that they said would take a few hours, Ryan...
Published: 05/21/2018
The wind storm made my shed tilt and the doors were blown out. Gillespie handyman my a fantastic job fix in it to perfection. I will gladly recommend this company. Susana de la Fuente