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If your metal roof is new and unpainted, experts recommend waiting at least 6 months before applying paint on it. Before painting, the roof should be cleaned with a power washer to get rid of existing dirt, mold or oils that may affect the coat of paint.

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Published: 02/14/2019
The job was to complete painting of all walls on the main floor, ceilings, trim and window casings, the stairway and upstairs hallway, and staining of door frames that had recently been replaced. I reached out to House and Condo...
Published: 02/19/2019
Amazing job and super accommodating. They did everything from buying the paint to selecting the safest kind for our daughter. All I had to do was show up. I very highly recommend them.
Published: 02/04/2019
We had damage to the paint and drywall on a corner of our wall, a relatively small job that nonetheless was quoted by others to cost more and take at least two separate visits to repair. Valon & his...