Drain Line Breakage - Camera Locate in Ancaster, ON

If you have a leak in your drain line but have trouble finding it, you may need a camera to locate the leak and see what is going on inside the pipes. Hire a home service pro to help locate the leak and repair it accordingly.

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Published: 07/17/2019
I noticed this week that there was a puddle of water under my laundry sink, which I though was attributable to a leak in the pipes. Given I have wooden flooring, it was priority for me to find out...
Published: 07/10/2019
Efficient yes, but indeed expensive. The faucet was around $200 and other parts around $50. The rest was labour $475 (2 hrs). On top did not let me redeem the $50 coupon which I thought was unfair. S. Devani
Published: 06/30/2019
06/26/2019: Had a major situation in my on Wednesday night in our Mississauga house (I removed an old RO-Tank and it left a major leak), Kitchen Tap needed to be replaced, HOT/COLD shut-off's didn't work and were leaking. garden line...