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Radon needs to be reduced in the household immediately if the level of radon gas in your household exceeds 200 becquerels/metre³. One of the most effective methods for reducing radon is sub-slab depressurisation, which draws the radon from the home and pushes it back outside.

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Published: 07/31/2019
Scott Asbestos was very prompt and professional.  Repairs were made timely at our condo renovation. This allowed us to continue on schedule. I would highly recommend Trevor and his team. Frank Ambrosio Project Manager
Published: 07/03/2019
I called Scott Asbestos for several projects during this past year. I had a restoration job caused by flooding where I needed the wall removed to expose a leaking pipe which had to be replaced. Then I decided at the...
Published: 06/19/2019
As a busy restoration company, we require quality subtrades to support us when we are not able to do the work in-house. We have used Scott on small and larger abatement projects. They are eager, quick to respond from the...