Spray Foam Insulation - Install in Coquitlam, BC

Spray foam insulation has become a popular choice among homeowners, as it provides an air tight seal that can help cut costs on energy bills. We recommend hiring a home service pro, as incorrect installation can lead to a series of health issues.

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Published: 04/13/2019
Originally, I was looking for a simple solution to heat and sound proof my garage/workshop, but could not really find a lot of options. I was a bit hesitant to use spray foam, but honestly after getting it done I...
Published: 03/28/2019
The crew did a great job. They were courteous and professional and worked in an efficient manner. They used their drop cloths to protect my flooring and also vacuumed after the work was completed. I was also...
Published: 11/21/2018
I had a mysterious decade old soffit water leak despite my roof being in excellent condition. After consulting with multiple trades and reading about home maintenance, I realized the root cause of the issue was poor attic ventilation. This led...