Basement Drainage Channels - Install in SPRING LAKE, AB

A wet basement over time can cause serious structural damage to your home. In order to keep your basement dry, install a drainage channel as a waterproofing solution. Hire a home service pro to get it done properly and keep your home foundation intact.

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Published: 02/14/2019
Had a leak at the base of toilet I called and was given an appt within 2 days. Tech came at time given and was very helpful. Fixed my issue within an hour and kept the area clean. Very personable...
Published: 02/06/2019
On a severely cold night, got home late from work and realized we had a water leak....Kevin came after hours and as usual fixed the problem...I swear we would never have survived living in this house for 9 years without...
Published: 11/16/2018
A cleaning lady accidentally flushed a pair of rubber gloves down a mascerating toilet. This caused great concern, as only poo and toilet paper should be flushed with this kind of toilet. I called Capital Plumbing, explained what...