Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit - Install in Parkland, AB

A pre-fabricated fireplace is made from metal and is more affordable than a traditional masonry fireplace, but may also be less sturdy due to the nature of the material. To ensure maximum safety, hire a home service pro to install it correctly in your home.

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Published: 02/19/2020
I wanted an inspection of both of my three sided fireplaces to make sure they were working properly and that there were no gas issues. He did a check on the connections and the sensors. Joel was on time,...
Published: 02/13/2020
My son wanted a hanging furnace in his garage, due to the time he worked on projects. After looking through gas products he decided on talking to Protech Plumbing ' Well I DID on his behalf. Great to talk...
Published: 02/03/2020
He did a great job I think (what do I know about plumbing lol) but I did notice something after he left. In our air ducts coming off the furnace, a piece of high-temp foil tape was removed thus allowing...