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Proper insulation can help reduce energy costs and increase comfort levels at home - experts recommend focusing on areas such as the attic, basement and exterior walls. Please note that it is possible to over-insulate a home, as excess moisture can get trapped and lead to mold problems at home.

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Published: 09/29/2021
The quote was professional and thorough. The install didn't quite match up with the quote statements. Ex: quote said no problem to lift the sunken poured sidewalk. In fact, that didn't happen. A caulking joint was...
Published: 06/10/2021
High Performance delivered a quality, quick, professional product and service. They were quick on reviewing the project on site, sending in an estimate and once accepted doing the work in a very quick time frame. Very knowledgeable, not pushy,...
Published: 07/15/2021
Large addition, had to spray foam pool room and ceiling, garage rebuild had to be foamed, plus batt insulation, and they subcontracted a drywall company for us as well. Pricing good and delivered what was promised.