Water Treatment & Purification System - Install or Replace in Huxley, AB

There are different water treatment and purification systems you can install depending on your household needs - reverse osmosis systems and whole house systems tend to be the more popular options, but they require professional installation.

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Published: 07/17/2019
Excellent work and communication. Very informative. Completed work made recommendations . Home inspection was good, very knowledgeable
Published: 07/04/2019
This company has very well trained service people. They are prompt, efficient and excel in communicating the challenges and remedies . At each step, the plumber explained what he needed to do and why, asked for permission to carry out the...
Published: 07/04/2019
Plumber was very friendly. The toilet appeared to flush after the service, however I asked what would happen if the same problem re-occurred immediately after he left. He said unfortunately the warranty covers everything except for this type of...