Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit - Install in Chestermere, AB

A pre-fabricated fireplace is made from metal and is more affordable than a traditional masonry fireplace, but may also be less sturdy due to the nature of the material. To ensure maximum safety, hire a home service pro to install it correctly in your home.

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Published: 05/20/2019
very helpful getting back to my request within minutes and troubleshooting how to fix my gas pipe problem. A gas lamp in my backyard requires to be removed and This company talked me through how to check if it was...
Published: 07/06/2019
We met Trent 5 or 6 years ago when we were having a problem with an older gas fireplace, that no one else was able to help us with. Trent was able to repair it and we have had...
Published: 12/13/2018
We have a 25 year old fireplace that a previous service company said was unrepairable, and needed to be replaced for $5000. I called Trent, and he knew exactly what we needed, where to find the part and repaired our...