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Spiders tend to be more difficult to get rid of compared to other pests at home - pesticide usually has no effect on spiders due to their long legs and special circulatory system. Hire a home service pro to help keep spiders out of your home.

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Published: 07/11/2019
I had a small ant problem in my house....small ants... not a small problem. I called the Pest Guy and he happened to be in the area and came over 20 minutes later. He located the nest, put out the bait...
Published: 03/06/2019
We have been using Martin's Pest Control for well over 3 years now and with our company's location surrounded by fields, mice are everywhere. We have Martin's come by every month to remove dead mice and replenish our mouse traps...
Published: 01/26/2019
We have been using Martin’s pest control for over two years now. They are very efficient and very professional we would highly recommend them.