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1 review Bolton, ON

Terrible Service & Attitude

Peter is the worst contractor I’ve ever dealt with. I could write a novel on him. I don’t even know where to start. He came recommended so
I went with him even though he was slightly higher in price. He put a four zone sprinkler system in two years ago. He then laid down new sod in my front yard. He put one corner sprinkler in such a way it can’t water a portion of the new sod he just installed. So I ended up paying for some of the sod he put down that would die soon cause it can’t get watered by his sprinkler location. I asked him before you dig up anything please locate the cable line and make sure he doesn’t damage it as it’s happened to me before and the cable company had to put a temp line through the trees and eventually dig up my yard for a permanent one. I did not want to go through that again. He assured me he would make sure of that. When he was done his job that took twice as long as he promised, I had no cable or Internet service as he cut the line. He told me to call the cable co myself and they’ll replace it. That means digging up my freshly sodded yard. Makes no sense. He made me four hours late to go out of town that eve and I had to water the lawn that day as it was so hot. He said not to worry as I could on the sprinklers remotely with the wifi out of town. How can you turn on your wifi sprinklers at home if your wifi at hone is out? Either he thought we were ignorant or it was the first time he has installed the wifi unit. He didn’t adjust a few of the sprinklers so he had to come back twice to adjust them again. Took me three weeks of calling him and him avoiding my calls as he would only answer when I called from a private number. How professional is that? Meanwhile the new sod I just paid for was dying on the edges. When he did he didn’t even wait to see if the adjustment was good as he said he was busy with other jobs so he had to go. If he did it right the first or even second time he wouldn’t have had to keep coming back. Following year when I opened the water line there was a leak in front of the shut off valve so I couldn’t stop it unless I close water to the whole house. I called him and he agreed to come buy and just tighten the clamp. Literally a two min job. Had to call him and chase him several times kept saying he’s busy and would come when he’s free. Meanwhile the water is leaking into the furnace room. He actually suggested I go rent the tool from Home Depot, fix it myself and he would pay me for the rental. Again, how professional is that? I had to keep a pot to catch the water from the leak. I was very worried because if that clamp blew off completely I would have had a huge flood in my basement esp if I wasn’t home. Just recently I found out that you’re suppose to by law put in a backflow preventer with any irrigation system for safety which he did not. Now he’s avoiding my calls from any number I call and has blocked my email. Again, very unprofessional. He texted me that he was never going to service my system again so my warranty is void. The only recourse I have now is to take him to small claims court for a full refund as he’s cancelled my warranty plus the repairs I paid for and the backflow preventer that he should have originally installed. All of this could’ve been avoided if he just came here to do a very quick 5 min fix. He also didn’t give me an invoice for the work he did so I’m sure the revenue agency might be interested in that. Do yourself a favour and don’t go with OGI or Peter. Go with ANYONE else. He doesn’t even stay at the job. He just gets his employees to start and takes off so no monitoring the work. Comes back for payment. I’ve read several of his other reviews with similar issues. After the job is done and he’s been paid it’s very hard to get a hold of him. Check it out for yourself. Good luck. You’ll need it if you go with Peter.

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