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Fire & Water Damage Restoration
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1 review North Vancouver, BC

Overcharged and treated poorly

We hired Onside for a blockage repair caused from a clogged pipe that was overflowing our toilet. We couldn't find any plumbers available within a couple hours and was forced to choose these guys. The good thing about hiring them is that they are fast. A team arrived at our property quickly and started working right away. We had high hopes for Onside but unfortunately as soon as it came time to payment and issuing an invoice, Onside's customer service immediately changed.

Without my knowledge, they overcharged, overstaffed and worked overtime hours which totaled to a bill at least 3x what it normally should be. What they don't tell you or clarify in the authorization ahead of time is that they require multiple staff and even different companies to be involved to solve one issue because Onside itself can't handle it. That itself is mind boggling as they are marketed as an emergency repair company. According to the invoice and conversations with manager Brock there was over 8 staff members involved in a few hour-long job all with different hourly rates that we were forced to pay. Just to cover the hourly rates and staff charges was over $2 grand!!! On top of that they also automatically do additional testing and lab work which is another hefty charge. You have to pay for every minute, every material, every item used which is way higher than needed or any other company. I've never seen a company within the industry break down their fees and rates like this before.

We kindly explained to Brock that we were shocked at the charges and extra hours of staff and labour applied without out knowledge or consent and did not feel it was fair to pay for things we did not require or ask for. Brock immediately was very rude, defensive, and threatening to us and as customers, made us feel very neglected.

I highly DO NOT recommend this company and advise you to stick to a regular plumbing/repair company to ensure you are paying fair market prices and have complete trust in their work. These guys will not only rip you off they will disregard your requests and treat you poorly. Very unhappy with how this situation played out. If only we were treated fairly and professionally, we could have felt differently about them.

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