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Pool + Landscape - HORRID JOB

Posted for my Parents -

Terrible company & would highly suggest finding ANY one else to do your work.

Our issues include:

- Started 2 weeks later than agreed upon since they had another job to do (why not make sure you have the time for another job then?!) Owner and workers would talk about the high end pool elsewhere they were working on saying that's why ours was so delayed.
- Told it would be 2 weeks of work to completion ; after 8 weeks of work it is still not finished.
- workers would walk into pool steps with boots on and never covered or cleaned the steps causing concrete to be stuck on the steps
- retaining walls around pool never filled in: only loose gravel somewhat put in, not packed, meaning it will all fall out and animals can get between the landscaping rocks now and get to the protective material underneath
- surrounding patio is uneven and not solid. Cracked and moving tiles. The few they replaced they did with a different colour stone, not even the same colour as asked for. Many toe stub areas.
- when cleaning off the patio they did it towards the pool filling the pool that they already filled with water, with dirt and sand that they never took out of it.
- Garbage left constantly on the ground including food and cups : even after informed and asked to not do so and shown a garbage area since we had a VERY SICK dog who could die from human food.
- Angry owner who yelled constantly and didnt watch what he was ever doing, threw the garage door open at one point hitting the dog with it because he was careless.
- Would agree and say anything we wanted to shut us up and never follow through.
- super poor workmanship and terrible quality of all services
- landscaping rocks are uneven and not even placed at the same height around the pool.. l0ike some are a solid FOOT higher than the others.. and that's AFTER they fixed them once when we pointed out the issue.

After all of the above and more,

Scott (owner) showed up with his "lawyer" due to the issues after he was asked to leave our property and not return. Infront of his "lawyer", he agreed to fix all issues. Never did. Therefore he was told to get off the property a second time and to never return. Both times Scott tried to say the problems were because my parents could not afford him. Meanwhile they were putting in a very expensive and landscaped pool that they could have easily afforded more, money was never once an issue. Scott would always say it was 'not much' for extra charges - in fact they were thousands extra - especially when my parents told him they could get the fill and needed materials cheaper, he charged them over 3 times as much for doing it himself (which he never gave the option of anything else).

All around horrible experience. We are paying to PROPERLY complete our backyard and pool now with a much more reputable company.

If you want to waste time, money, and have headaches with no shows, phone calls unanswered, and very low quality work.. call these guys.
If not.. call ANYONE else.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review however do to Privacy regulations we can not respond to your particular comments as there is no legal contract or business dealing with you personally. As you have stated you are writing this review for someone else but then use the term "we". Unique Pools and Landscaping Inc. has no recollection of a contract with an added named third party. We thank you for bringing this to our attention and we will most certainly investigate and reach out to our customers to find who this refers too, through the proper legal channels.