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Guy in Leduc
Guy in Leduc
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A horrible Alberta works move

Please note my review is solely based on Edmonton location Two small men with big hearts In Edmonton jan 25 2019
This was an alberta works move.The customer has M.S and a few mental issues so alberta works authorized 9 hrs to pack and move my friend they came to apartment at 930.They said they where only told to pack the kitchen only they where rushing they forgot pictures on wall lots of little things. They decided to take off without letting us know and we still had a few things at the apartments as we mentioned a new place I asked him why he took off one of the guy's "THE BOSS" said there truck was full but at very end of move one of the workers said there was still room so they finished unloading truck and ask to get signed off at 6.5 hrs they did not want to go get the rest of the stuff but eventually BN they did one of the guys had a very foul mouth lots of swearing through the whole move another guy mentioned in the morning that he didn't have his methadone yet and the other guy was bumming cigarettes and didn't clean up any mess they made in hallways and as I was sorting out all my furniture I've noticed two tables are broken legs are broken off one legs are missing off the other so I would not recommend using this company just because someone is on social assistance and have mental issues dose not give anyone they right to treat others badly or break there things .. update April 2 2019 I have just been notified In writing that the movers where so upset with us for asking them to get the rest of our stuff they told The Neighbors at the new residence that the tenant they moved in or drug smokers and violent bad people that destroys our old residence if this is fact or not the Mover should not be telling people things behind the customers back I think that is a big No-No which has caused the neighbors to speak to one each other and to start a whole bunch of vicious rumors about the tenant that two small men with big hearts moved the rumors got so bad that the people have now been evicted out of the condo because to small men with big hearts started a nasty rumor about the people that they moved I would like to small men with big hearts to get in contact with me they know who I am if not I will be contacting a lawyer. May 4 2019 I am just checking on my review the company says they've been trying to get ahold of us try the email that she gave you when she ordered to move if not I give homestars permission to release my email to you to the management two small men with big hearts. Update I have several emails with the email you provide with no response so so I would like to thank you for responding Tammy on this review page and not contacting me personally it says a lot thank you very much I am done with this ......update may 30 I have tried to reach out to Ali several times he did reply to me once said he was busy and he would get back to me that was three weeks ago so the person who reviews these comments please get a hold of me I give permission to homestars to release my email to the person who represents Two small men with big hearts and look forward to hearing from you .Ali dose not seem to care so that says a lot about your company thanks.. Bruno

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Company Response

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear about the experience you've relayed here. We work with Alberta Works frequently and it's important to us that all of our customers are treated with dignity, care, and respect. Our After-Service Manager, Ali, has attempted to reach out to you several times but has not heard back yet.

After discussing this move with our staff, we found that the crew was in contact with the Edmonton dispatcher during your move. Our crew expressed feeling concern for their safety upon arriving at the pick-up address, and the safety of our employees during all moves is our number one priority. We would like to get in touch with you to further discuss this - please let us know the best way to reach you.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime and our After-Service Manager will be happy to discuss your move.

EDIT May 10: Hi there, unfortunately we have not heard from Homestars and we think their policy is likely not to share information with companies on their site. However, we are happy to share our email with you: please reach out to us at, we would truly be happy to discuss this move with you. Thank you.

The Two Small Men Team