kallan416 in Toronto
kallan416 in Toronto
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I made the wrong choice

My friends and I researched lawn care companies last year and picked Lawnsavers as it had a higher rating on HomeStars. In summary, we made the wrong choice. Lawnsavers did not live up to my expectations nor did they complete their services for the season. They had poor communications about when they were coming to perform services (which improved after I told them their communications were terrible). I always felt like I was wondering when they were coming next. I have a locked gate for my backyard so it was really important that I knew when they were coming so I could unlock it. On one occasion, the person did not show up. On another day, they came unannounced and hopped my fence (which is dangerous!). They did not complete all their visits for the season (because they ran out of time/snow was falling) and I called and got a refund for the outstanding visits. I also ensured they will NOT auto-renew me for this coming year because I read somewhere that they auto-renew. I'll give them one positive remark - the lawn does look better than before but the service was not good. My friends had similar issues and were not impressed either.

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Company Response

Hi There, I'm very sorry you had this experience with my company. We pride ourselves on our 28 years of providing professional award winning service, and using the best products and methods available to get you the greenest lawn and healthiest results that you are looking for. 
We will never charge our customers for a service that won't work or is past its ideal window, and if you prepaid, your balance would remain as a credit for you or be refunded.
We do have a written satisfaction guarantee that provides these details so that our customers have the peace of mind and confidence to do business with us. In our agreement, we also not that weather can and will affect application timing and products used.
This season had a great deal of 'less than ideal' weather that can cause certain organic applications to be postponed in order to ensure that when they are performed they provide the value expected (ice storms through April followed by excessive Heat and Drought through most of the summer). 
Although we tried to communicate those concerns through our emails and voice messages with our clients, we understand you are busy, and our courtesy email and call ahead messages the day before service, aren't always reviewed in time by all. But none of that helps to explain the other circumstances you mentioned which is definitely not the type of service we are known for and pride ourselves with, nor has earned us the numerous positive reviews that you have read, and I sincerely apologize if that happened.
Thank you for your feedback, as it is the only way we can learn to improve our service. Please email me personally at greatservice@lawnsavers.com or call me at 905-707-9994 ext 311 so I can know who this is and try to make it up to you. 
Sincerely, Kyle