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I was accused for their mistake

Pretty simple story:

Estimator came by, gave me a quote.
I asked about cutting new holes for two new roof vents. Estimator said no problem and provided quote.

Install day, halfway through job guys stopped and were sitting on the grass hanging out. Asked what happened they said ran out of shingles.

After job was done, I found I could not install the roof vent adapters that go with the roof vents because the holes were cut too small. I told the follow up customer service guy, but he was dismissive and told me they don’t fix that. I was confused so I called the main shop to find out what happened. The person who picked up was angry! I didn’t know why, until she said “you got quotes from other companies right? You saw our quote was way lower than everyone’s right? So you knew we had misquoted, and you took advantage”. I was at this point completely stunned. I realized after she said that A Clark made a mistake on their estimate, and I guess I got a great deal on my roof! Awesome! But the way she blamed me for their estimating mistake was shocking! (that I honestly had no idea, I’m a first time homeowner I really don’t know much about repairs)…

Basically, my concerns about the vents were then denied by A Clark. She said even tho they sell the adapters and the vents, that they did not include the cutting of the hole on the contract, so it wasn’t a service agreed upon therefore they weren’t liable to come widen the hole. She said she wouldn’t send anyone out without me paying their hourly fee.

I was pretty upset. Of course I got trapped in a contractural fine print on the adapters for the vents, but to be accused of knowing taking advantage, being rude (I didn’t include all the things she said to me), but I thought it was really inappropriate. Basically made me out to trying to take advantage of them, but really it was all miscommunication and their estimators (massive) error. Shouldn’t lead me to be subject to that kind of treatment.

I wouldn’t recommend these guys to anyone, as when I raised concern was met with an offensive response. Unprofessional customer service from office.

The real issue I had with all this was; I had to take out a loan for this project, so I didn’t actually have any additional money to make the additional repairs. The loan was pre approved based on the estimate, so there was no extra money on my end to fix the vent issue. I did get a deal so overall I saved, but I couldn’t fix the vents and the time between the install and vent fix caused moisture buildup in my attic. Of course they will come back and give all the specifics about how this is all my fault, but this was my experience and I wanted to share to help others avoid the same issues.

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Company Response

I can't verify whether this is true or not but I can say that a zero does seem very unfair and I'll explain why. If we made a mistake and still honored that contract, that's a plus. Many companies have, and this is what customers fret about and get warned about, stopped the job and use it as a way to blackmail for more money or they won't finish the work. We actually did honor and finish the work, that sounds like a plus. With regards to the vent with an adapter, that can likely be one thing and that's a vent that connects to hvac/fan system in some way. No matter whether we did the adapter or did not do the adapter, an hvac company would be required to connect the hose/pipe to the adapter or install their own adapter and connect. In order for us to do it on the contract, we'd have to know ahead of time so it sounds like this was unforeseen and there is no way we could have known therefore the extra charges over budget (maybe a couple hundred bucks at most). We gave the option of us doing it, we were not in a position to do favors for extra work so we did hold firm on that line - sorry if it was coming off as something else but we were only trying to express firmness and context. All contracts only account for what we can determine ahead of time and this is true of every contractual trade. We had no context into your financial or other situations. We would not blame you, nor do we accept blame. It's just a negotiation and it sounds like you went with option B. It does not sound like we left you with no options or other recourses, both options required another trade to finish the work so the timeline would be the same no matter what as we do not do hvac work and connect the hose/pipe to the adapters - we are not insured/trained/etc in other trades including but not limited to hvac/plumbing/electrical/mechanical nor do we have the right tools and materials available on site. Given that you went with the option excluding us, we would have left as was existing originally. We did not make the situation worse.