10 Electrical Tools You Need For Your Upcoming Bathroom Renovation Project

Electrical fixtures installation, repair or replacement is as important in a bathroom renovation project as checking the plumbing. If you’re getting new lights and planning a new design, then new electrical fixtures, line updates and wiring are required. Here is a list of 10 electrical tools you may need for your upcoming bathroom renovation project…

1. Circular Electrical Saw

new modern circular saw on white background

If you’re planning to cut the bathroom material such as tiles, fibreglass, wood and plastic for your project at home, then you will need to get your hands on a good quality electrical saw. You can get a portable circular electrical saw to measure, hold and make special angle cuts to the material as per your proposed design.

2. Electrical Drill

Construction Worker Using Drill To wood.

An electrical drill is a powerful tool that comes in different speeds, sizes and power including cordless options. You can use an electric drill to drive fasteners and make round holes in wood, concrete, cement, metal and plastic.

3. Electrical Test Meter

Close up hand of engineer to use digital clip ampere meter clamp to power cable for check Power current

An electrical test meter or multimeter is used to measure electricity flow in your fixtures. You can use various meters to measure the flow of electricity in your wiring circuits behind the drywall and on your fixtures outside the drywall or on the ceiling. It’s important to maintain a steady electrical flow to avoid future electrocution, save on your electricity bills and save the bulbs from bursting by excess heat.

4. Glass Cutter

Glazier worker cutting glass with compass glass cutter in a workshop. Industry

A glass cutter is an essential tool to cut the flat surface of the glass carefully without cracking or breaking it into multiple pieces. If you have a small bathroom and planning to have nice glass work done to enhance the space, then you should consider getting a nice glass cutter for the mirror fixtures.

5. Grinder for Tile Installation and Cleaning

Tile mason is cutting ceramics tile with electric grinder.

Many Canadian homeowners prefer tiles over any other material for their bathroom flooring. After installing the tiles, you will need a big electrical grinder to clean all the cement and adhesive debris on the floor. If you’re not planning to replace the tile flooring, you can still use a grinder to clean and polish your old tiles to make them look new.

6. Metal Cutter

Worker on a construction site cut stainless steel sheet shears of metal cutting

An electrical metal cutter or a nibbler is used to cut and bend sheet metal in any shape or form you desire. If you’re planning to use metal sheets to decorate your cabinetry or walls, you can use a metal cutter to cut the sheets in your design requirements.

7. Screwdriver and Nut Driver

Nut driver, chrome-plated combination wrench open at one end and ring at the other, screwdriver with flat tip and hex key on a white background

Screwdrivers and nut drivers are multipurpose tools that can be used for electrical, plumbing, construction and other functional fixtures. There are many sizes, types, lengths and design options available for these tools. You can get an individual piece or a big toolbox of more than 100 pieces of screwdrivers and nut drivers.

8. Tile Cutter

Laying Ceramic Tiles. Tiler cuts tile manual cutter

A tile cutter is a big electrical tool that helps you get a strong grip on your workstation to cut ceramic or porcelain tiles for your bathroom floor. If a tile is not cut properly, it can crack and completely go to waste. You may have to repurpose the broken tiles for some other project but it can be pretty expensive. By using a tile cutter properly, you won’t be losing any expensive flooring material.

9. Wire Connectors and Terminal Kit

cable lugs with differents colours and sizes on a white background, for connection cables

Wire connectors are also known as twist-on connectors, wire nuts, cone connectors or thimble connectors are used to connect and secure wires from getting in touch with each other or any external metal surfaces. You can get a big wire and terminal kit in a local hardware store to help you with secure wiring and electrical fixtures.

10. Wire Cutters and Pliers

Wire strippers. The electrician cleans the protective insulation from the wire using a wire stripper. The process of connecting wires. close-up

Just like the screwdrivers and nut drivers, wire cutters and pliers are multi-purpose tools that can be used for various tasks in your bathroom renovation project. Pliers are popularly used to bend, grab, hold, cut, reach and loop wire. Whereas wire cutters are best for cutting wires.

These 10 essential electrical tools can drill a hole in your budget. Whether you’re renting them or borrowing them, if you’re not sure how to use them, it can damage your material, costing you furthermore. To avoid any financial or material losses, you can hire a local electrician who owns all these tools to help you with the project. Get a quote from your nearest electrician to complete any type of electrical work in your bathroom renovation project.

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