How Weather Predictions Help You Schedule HVAC Jobs

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Weather change and seasonality can have a big impact on your business, especially if you own an HVAC company in Canada. With such a huge landscape, different provinces and even cities have different weather predictions for the upcoming colder months. That’s why it’s important to stay updated on the forecasts so that you can schedule your HVAC tasks easily. Canadian homeowners will be running their annual HVAC maintenance, repairs and even replacements in the next few months. Here’s how you can use weather predictions to market your HVAC business better and book more opportunities in your service area:

Heating Maintenance And Repair Jobs

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As heating units are powered by either gas, electricity or fuel, any build-up or malfunction can cause severe damage or even accidents. Thus, many homeowners like to schedule their annual maintenance when the season change demands the change in the usage of HVAC system. For regions like Alberta and Saskatchewan, which are expected to get a few days of snow in September, it’s best to schedule these jobs as soon as possible. Most of the provinces are expected to cool down after labour day, so you can start planning your business tasks accordingly. If you have customers who have signed up for annual maintenance of their heating systems, this would be a good time to get on point with those scheduled tasks. You can also reach out to your past clients and send them reminders about scheduling their HVAC maintenance services before the snow starts settling in. You can also upgrade your category of services on HomeStars to get hired by homeowners who are looking for pros to do their annual heating maintenance.

Ventilation Maintenance Jobs

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Many homeowners opt for duct cleaning services during a weather change. Homeowners who have young children and pets, are on the lookout to hire experienced pros to get their ducts cleaned so they can prevent health issues like allergies and seasonal flu. If you provide cleaning services for fuel-burning furnaces, stoves or fireplaces, you can be on the top of the list of ready-to-hire homeowners. Homeowners, be it from Calgary or Manitoba, schedule regular duct cleaning every year or even more frequently to rule out any carbon monoxide poisoning. As there are thunderstorms predicted in many provinces during this month, duct cleaning can be difficult in such harsh weather conditions. With accurate weather predictions, you can chart out the clear days and schedule these tasks on these days. You can update your HomeStars profile cover image and profile bio reminding homeowners to schedule these annual maintenance jobs with you before time.

Air Conditioning Units Removal And Other Services

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Many homes in Canada have outdoor air conditioning units which need to be cleaned and uninstalled before winter sets in and the snow damages the unit. There may also be instances where the drip lines have to be removed. For provinces, where winter is scheduled to set in later in the year, you may offer duct cleaning and maintenance of heating systems. This allows you ample time to schedule the A/C jobs to be scheduled right before the holiday spirit sets in. However, in colder regions, you will need to finish up these tasks in the next few weeks, so your clients can enjoy a comfortable and safe winter. As these are outdoor jobs, make sure to check the weather for thunderstorms etc. for favourable working conditions.

How To Use Weather Resources To Schedule Jobs?

To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of weather-predicting resources to schedule HVAC jobs easily. Here’s how to use them:

  • Download the PDF linked below
  • Click on the website links in the first table to check provincial weather updates
  • These are updated regularly so keep checking for recent updates
  • You can also visit the websites or download the app in the second table to check weather predictions
  • Filter by city or province to check the most accurate weather information

Depending on the weather, you can send out reminders to clients and schedule your jobs as below:

Weather Prediction Jobs to be scheduled
Clear Skies Schedule outdoor jobs like A/C unit removal
Temperature Dips Annual maintenance and repairs of heating units
Snow prediction Servicing of heating units, furnaces and fireplaces
Moderate Climate Duct Cleaning
Thunderstorms & Hurricane Warnings Do not schedule jobs at this time – stay inside and stay safe
Warmer temperature Maintenance of heating units, followed by A/C unit removal

We have also created a custom weather prediction resource list you can use based on your location:

Download PDF

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