How to Upload Your Logo and Company Information on HomeStars (Desktop)

Update your company logo, cover image and other important information on your HomeStars business profile to help project-ready homeowners to hire you confidently.

Step 1: Log In to your HomeStars Account from the Desktop 

  • Go to https://homestars.com/ and click on the Log In button on the top right to log into your HomeStars business account
  • Once logged in, under your company dashboard, click on your company profile at the very top right followed by a simple click on the edit listing button 

Note: You can upload your logo and company information only on HomeStars Pro for Desktop

Step 2: Edit Your Profile Photos

  • Under Listing info, you will see the first section: Profile photos. Click on the Company logo and/or Cover Photo to update a new image
  • Select an image from your computer and simply upload it 

Step 3: Update Your Company Information 

Under the Company Info section, insert the following:

  • Company phone number
  • Company website (or Facebook/Instagram)
  • Company description 
  • Service details 

Note: The more details your place here, the more trustworthy your business will appear to homeowners. Don’t worry about filling all the categories, fill in only the ones relevant to your business and to homeowners.

Step 4: Save Your Changes and Review Your Listing 

  • Click on the save button at the top right or at the bottom right
  • Review your listing by clicking on your company profile at the very top right and the view listing button

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