The Do’s and Don’t of Reviews

HomeStars Reviews Dos and Dont

Collecting reviews is crucial to giving homeowners the confidence to hire your business. Ethically speaking, there are multiple things to keep in mind when collecting and responding to reviews on HomeStars. Follow these reviews “Do’s and Don’ts” to stay in the know and keep your Star Score healthy!

  • Do – Use the HomeStars for Pros Mobile App to Request Reviews

The Request a Review feature on the HomeStars for Pros app, is the easiest way to collect reviews. Input your customer’s email and phone number, and we’ll send them a text message. If the text goes unnoticed, we’ll send a friendly email reminder.

  • Don’t – Write Your Own Reviews, or Have Family or Friends Do It!

If we catch reviews of this nature, you will be penalized accordingly. Gather honest, authentic reviews from past customers.

  • Do – Add Photos to Review Requests

When requesting a review, attach photos of the work you’ve completed. If the customer approves the photos, they’ll populate alongside their review!

  • Don’t – Share Your Device with Clients to Leave a Review

Be sure not to offer your company or personal device to a client to leave a review. Our system will recognize this and flag your reviews. Your Star Score may be affected.

  • Do – Request a Review When Project is Completed

We only publish reviews when a financial transaction has taken place; therefore, when the project is complete is a great time to request a review.

  • Don’t – Incentivize Customers to Leave Reviews

Incentives such as discounts, gift cards, or any other form of remuneration are forbidden.

  • Do – Respond to Every Review…Including Negative Ones!

Responding positively to customer reviews, both the good and the bad, is an integral part of maintaining a healthy Star Score, while showcasing your business’ professionalism and customer service.

  • Don’t – Hound Customers to Leave or Alter Reviews

If your company is found responsible for repeated harassment or pressure to leave/alter reviews, your Star Score will be penalized.

  • Do – Investigate a Review When…

You don’t recognize the reviewer, and no financial transaction has taken place. Reviews can only be investigated for 60 days after the review is published. Abusing this feature can impact your Star Score.

  • Don’t – Use Defamatory Language When Responding to Reviews

Remain level-headed and positive when responding to reviews. Homeowners visiting your profile notice how you respond to reviews!

  • Do – Let Our Team Collect Reviews For You

HomeStars customers can benefit from our review concierge service. Fill out the form, and we’ll call the customer you list to request a review on your behalf!

  • Don’t – Include Your Customer’s Personal Information

Avoid including personal details such as full name, address, etc. in your review response, as per Canadian Privacy Laws.

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