How To Land The Jobs You Want With HomeStars

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As a pro, you know that not all jobs are created equal. For every long-term commitment that requires a big crew and expensive equipment, there’s a job you can turn around within an hour with just your wits and a toolbox. For every job that requires you to travel an hour to give a client an estimate, there’s another opportunity waiting around the corner. Depending on the nature of your business, there will always be certain jobs you prefer to work on over others. At HomeStars we want to help you build your reputation and give you the flexibility to be more selective. Here’s how we enable you to land the jobs you want to work.

Pinpoint Your Desired Service Areas

Every pro has had the experience of driving further than they’re comfortable for a job that doesn’t justify the commute. HomeStars decreases the chance of this happening by allowing you to select your desired service areas and then only sending you qualified leads for homeowners searching for pros within those areas. Homeowners can still stumble across your listing or website from anywhere, but when HomeStars sends you a lead, you can be sure it’s for a job you can get to easily.

Select the Jobs You Want to Work via Tasks

At HomeStars, we know pros like to specialize. No two plumbers or appliance repair pros share the same areas of expertise. That’s why we built HomeStars with customization in mind. Because an appliance repair pro who specializes in fixing dishwashers and ovens may not necessarily want to fix washers and dryers, we give them the option to enable or disable these “tasks” on their listing. This way, they’ll only receive leads relevant to the tasks they have enabled, and they can focus on the jobs they specialize in. Regardless of your category, we designed HomeStars so that you’ll have the flexibility to customize.

Build Your Network

HomeStars is all about connecting with homeowners. As such, there’s never a shortage of opportunities to chat with homeowners about the jobs you specialize in. It’s unavoidable that you’ll get approached with jobs that are smaller or larger than you prefer, but you can use these opportunities as a way to get a foot in the door and build a lasting relationship. This way, you’ll become these homeowners’ go-to pro when they have a job available down the line that suits your profile.

Establish a Brand Using Your Listing

More than anywhere on the internet, your HomeStars listing is the perfect place to showcase the jobs you specialize in. Between the pictures you upload and the homeowner reviews that speak to how you helped them, your listing firmly establishes the brand you want to be known for. When homeowners come across it in the future, they’ll know exactly the type of jobs you like to work and contact you when they have jobs relevant to your preferences.

Start Landing The Jobs You Want

You have a business to run, so it’s only natural you want to focus on the jobs that provide the most return. HomeStars was designed to give you this flexibility. Between the opportunity to customize your preferences, connect with homeowners, and establish a firm brand, we’ll enable you to land the specific types of jobs you want to work. Continue building this brand today by logging in to request a homeowner review.

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