Meet Industry Leading Family Business: Krys Construction

Meet Industry Leading Family Business: Krys Construction

As Construction Day approaches, we interviewed Krysztof Bajewicz of Krys Construction to talk about the business and its association with HomeStars. With over 15 years of experience on his resume, he oversees the family business himself and has taken the business to new heights. Having won the HomeStars Best of Award 9 times, the company has established itself as a pioneer in the industry.  

How It All Started… 

Like any other industry, it took Krys Construction a few years to take off and build a solid foundation. Krysztof started his career as a framer, working for new home builders on subdivision sites. However, curious and determined by nature, Krysztof expanded his knowledge about the industry by observing and asking questions. Soon after, he took on side jobs for basement framing. His work helped him stand apart from the competition and he garnered great reviews for his work. It was at this time that a client approached him to finish a full basement. That event set the snowball rolling and for the next two years, he gathered a crew for his general contracting business, after which the business was his full-time mission. 

Thoughts on Being an Industry Leader…

Thoughts on being an industry leader…

Krysztof dedicates the success of the business to patience and understanding – whether it’s your client’s expectations and ideas or your own crew or anyone involved in the projects. 

To build a truly successful team that achieves great results, it’s important to be a great leader – one who listens to the members and implements and respects their ideas. It’s essential to treat people the way you would like to be treated. 

Krysztof Bajewicz

Krysztof also prides himself on ensuring all the safety measures in his construction business. His employees are well-trained in safety regulations and are aware of the protocols to be followed. To ensure the safety of all his employees, he also provides all the necessary equipment, training and safety gear at the site of work. 

The Transition From Word-Of-Mouth to Online Reviews With HomeStars

Krysztof told us that the transition from traditional word-of-mouth to the online world of reviews has been helpful for his family business. He realized the importance of the online presence and soon looked into ways to spread the word about his business. 

While helping out a friend with his renovation, Krys heard about HomeStars, as his friend was exploring the platform to hire professionals. During this time, he was looking to explore the options in the digital world, to market his business and HomeStars came up at the right time. After exploring the platform and the features, he decided to jump right in and has been a member of HomeStars for almost a decade! 

The HomeStars Impact… 

The impact of HomeStars on the business

To sum up, in one word, Krysztof says that the impact of HomeStars on his business has been big. Having been on the platform for many years, he credits HomeStars for helping him build brand credibility online which has resulted in gaining homeowner trust and wonderful homeowner connections. As a platform, Krysztof finds HomeStars to have all the top-rated professionals one could possibly need when working around the house or renovating.

Achieving the Perfect Rating and Gathering Reviews…

For the perfect ratings and Star Score, Krysztof credits his dedication and passion to do the perfect job. When one takes pride in their job, they go the extra mile to do a flawless job, which in turn makes clients happy. For Krysztof, it’s essential to complete projects on the agreed terms with the clients – whether it’s the timeline and budget or ideas and materials. When one does a good job and ensures client satisfaction, the client is sure to leave a good review. In one step – ensure that client expectation is met before asking for reviews

Winning the HomeStars Best of Awards… 

The biggest impact of winning the awards for Krys Construction has been earning the homeowner’s trust. When people see a business winning awards year after year, it tells them that the company is good at what they do. With HomeStars recognizing these efforts of professionals, it has made it easier to build homeowner connections and convert more leads into jobs

One Piece of Advice for the HomeStars Best of Award Aspirants…

One piece of advice for the Best of Award aspirants

Krysztof recommends focusing on the work rather than the reward – when you are passionate about your work and do the job right, your efforts are sure to be recognized and rewarded.

If you are feeling inspired by Krys’ story of success, you can read more about how to qualify for the Best of Awards or get in touch with your account manager to know more!

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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