3 Ways HomeStars Can Help Increase Your Profits

homestars increase profits

Online reviews matter to prospective clients looking to hire home service professionals to work on their projects. Having an abundance of online reviews from past clients increases your worth to homeowners looking to hire. A 2021 homeowner survey revealed that 78% of respondents hire based on reviews and reputation, not the lowest price available. Homeowners want to hire home service pros who can offer the best quality and not cut corners to get the job done at a cheaper rate. When homeowners view your business as high quality, they will be willing to pay more for your services. Here are three ways you can use HomeStars to show off the high quality work you do and increase your profits as a result.

1. Credibility with a Reputable Review Site

HomeStars is known as the go-to website to connect hire-ready homeowners with home service professionals. With fifteen years under our belt, the HomeStars brand has become associated with reliability, integrity, and high quality. With a listing on HomeStars, you increase your online reputation with homeowners who prioritize credibility when hiring.

Another layer of credibility that comes with being listed on HomeStars is becoming Verified. Having the HomeStars Verified badge on your listing is what homeowners want to see when browsing our site. This is because they can tell at a quick glance that you have passed our background, credit and criminal checks. They want to hire someone they can trust with the proper licensing and experience to complete their project. By having a listing on HomeStars and getting Verified, you can easily let homeowners know that you’re a credible company they can trust to complete their project.

2. Social Proof from Reviews and Ratings

Clients are willing to pay more for home service pros who have a strong online reputation that is backed by social proof. The same homeowners surveyed are willing to pay 20% more for a home service pro that has a strong online reputation. Social proof is essentially online content created by customers that praises a business and its products or services. It’s developed from online reviews or testimonials from previous clients, social media postings or ratings. Homeowners are looking for evidence that you can provide a service that meets their expectations. They are more likely to hire you based on what others have said about you than if you had no digital footprint.

HomeStars is the place where your current and previous customers can share their experiences with your business and how satisfied they are with your services. New clients will feel more inclined to hire a home service pro when they have other homeowners vouching for them. The 2021 homeowner survey also indicated that homeowners read a minimum of 5 reviews before considering a company to hire.

3. Show Off Your Work with Photos

The photos of your work that clients include in their reviews can leverage a higher price point for a job. Photos not only showcase your craftsmanship, expertise and years of experience, but also allow you to demonstrate your approach to solving problems and ability to create innovative solutions. Photos demonstrate what makes your company unique by showcasing your creative ideas and distinct brand style.

Completing a home project is a subjective experience and homeowners all have different perceptions of what matters, but your photos on HomeStars will help solidify the hiring decision. With an upgraded listing, you can create photo galleries of various projects. Homeowners are eager to see before and after photos of your projects, and this is the best way to show off your years of experience and quality of work.

Homeowners are looking to hire high quality home service pros and they go to HomeStars first to find them. Make sure your HomeStars listing has a variety of reviews, photos and ratings to attract more clients and increase profits. Compete on quality not price with HomeStars!

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