How HomeStars Best Of Award Helps You Succeed?

Best of Award

Every year HomeStars recognizes industry leaders by validating their hard work with the HomeStars Best of Award. This award is known as a trust builder for ready-to-hire Canadian homeowners.  75% of homeowners prefer a Best of HomeStars Award winner for their project. Our previous award winners have also seen a big boost in their online reputation after winning the HomeStars Best of Award. 93% of pros we surveyed said the HomeStars Best of Award has helped them be recognized and got more visibility online.

If you are new to HomeStars, you can be eligible to win a Best of Newly Listed or Best of Award 2022! Here are your eligibility criteria:

HomeStars Best of Newly Listed Awards

HomeStars Best of Award

How a HomeStars Best of Newly Listed or Best of Award 2022 will help you succeed?

1. More Visibility

When you win a HomeStars Award, you get seen by more than 8 million homeowners who visit HomeStars. Project-ready homeowners choose an award-winning pro by filtering from our ‘Brows Category’ page. This sort of option puts your company on top of our search list only if you are an award winner! Additionally, homeowners tend to choose pros for their projects by filtering through our list of Best of Award winners. You can increase your chances of getting on this list by upgrading your HomeStars account today!

More Visibility

2. Recognition of Your Work

Every day you work extremely hard on your trade and craft to fulfill the requests of homeowners who hire you. Positive feedback from homeowners is definitely a morale booster for a job well done but every business deserves a great deal of recognition for the hard work they put forth. HomeStars recognizes your consistent efforts. The HomeStars Best of Award is an additional tool that you can use to reinforce your credibility to clients. This recognition also helps your employees value your company more, and inspires them to positively contribute to the success of the business.

3. Validation

Along with plenty of visibility and recognition, we at HomeStars believe that validation is equally important to celebrate your success. You work hard and diligently to give your best to your clients. HomeStars likes to celebrate this significant hard work and dedication. With a yearly Best of HomeStars event, attractive swag, grand prizes and a celebratory party, HomeStars validates the success of all our Best of Newly Listed and Best of Award winners.

4. Word of Mouth Simplified

We live in the era of social media. With millions of homeowners to serve it’s really difficult to stand out from the crowd solely based on word of mouth. This strategy worked in the last century but with changing and trying times, every home improvement business needs a digital boost. You can leverage your HomeStars profile as a marketing platform, earn street credit by adding HomeStars Best of Awards stickers on your vehicle and boast on social media about your Star Score, recent reviews as well as a verification badge. All this is possible only if you’re a premium account holder with HomeStars.

With so many benefits for your business and your employees, the HomeStars Best of Newly Listed and Best of Award has set an industry standard of great success. Start building homeowner trust to win a HomeStars award by upgrading your profile today!

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