How a HomeStars Award Improves Your Business’s Reputation

HomeStars Best of Award

HomeStars awards are presented each year to honour pros who perform exceptionally when it comes to HomeStars’ three pillars of integrity, customer service, and consistency. Whether you’re a Best of Newly Listed Award winner, a Best of Award winner, or a Best of the Best Award winner, there are several benefits you can look forward to upon receiving this prestigious honour. You’ll get an official certificate, a collection of incredible HomeStars swag, and an invitation to our awards gala. But more importantly, you’ll be the beneficiary of an improved reputation that will help you connect with more homeowners and land more projects.

We want to help you make the most of this opportunity. Learn how to qualify for one of these awards and read on to find out how this accomplishment will enhance your reputation.

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Homeowners looking to hire for home improvement projects have dozens of options at their fingertips. Even if the quality of your work is superior to your competitors, it’s hard to demonstrate this to someone who is scrolling quickly past businesses on a screen. It’s important to stand out from the pack in any way you can. Winning one of HomeStars coveted awards is one of the most effective ways to do so. When homeowners see an award badge on your listing (or other marketing materials) it lets them know instantly that you’re a top performing pro in your field.

Provide Instant Credibility

HomeStars’ awards signify excellence. They indicate to homeowners that, although you may be a stranger they contacted online, you’re a trustworthy pro with a Verified badge, a healthy Star Score, and authentic homeowner reviews. It cuts out all the guesswork involved in hiring, and reduces the barriers between someone coming across your company online and contacting you to learn more.

Build Homeowner Assurance

Any pro who is caught engaging in suspicious activity, fraud, or review tampering is automatically disqualified from winning a HomeStars award. This allows homeowners to rest easy knowing any winners they hire are a safe choice. In this way, victory of a HomeStars award eases the sales process. It assures homeowners that they can feel confident bringing you into their home and leaving their project in your hands.

Be Featured in HomeStars Content

At HomeStars, we are always on the lookout for pros we can spotlight on our homeowner blog, our Here at Home magazine, and on social media. Best of Award winners often get first crack at these opportunities. Spotlights like these will drive more traffic to your HomeStars listing and your website, and supply you with high-quality content you can share and re-purpose to round out your digital presence and impress homeowners.

Make Sure You Qualify

Now that you know how much a HomeStars award can improve your reputation, chances are you’re wondering how you can guarantee victory. Thankfully, qualifying for one of these awards is a lot easier than you think. Take the first step towards ensuring you qualify by logging in to request a review today.

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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