What Is HomeStars ‘Here at Home’ Magazine?

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At HomeStars, we specialize in creating connections with homeowners, so that when they need to hire pros for home improvement projects, they know who to turn to. Nine million homeowners visit HomeStars each year, fueled by marketing output like our television advertisements, blog content, email outreach, and social media posts.

HomeStars Here at Home magazine, launched in early 2021, is our latest extension of these efforts. Through expertly written content and beautifully designed layouts, the magazine helps us stay engaged with our vast network of homeowners. We inspire homeowners to take on new projects, so when it comes time to hire, HomeStars is fresh on their minds.

Why Here at Home?

At HomeStars, we strive to be more than the website homeowners turn to when they need to hire pros. We want to be their go-to resource for everything home improvement. Our Here at Home magazine, which looks and feels like any of the industry’s top publications, positions us to do this. It offers tips for homeowners looking to stay on top of their yearly home maintenance schedules, expert guides on how much they should expect to pay for emergency repairs, entertaining content about the latest design trends, and more. Naturally, when readers need to hire for any of the above, HomeStars is the first name they think of, and pros who use HomeStars get first dibs.

How Often Is Here at Home Published?

The Here at Home magazine is published once per season (four times per year). The magazine’s content reflects the time of year, speaking to what kind of home improvement tasks are most popular each season, and forecasting the trends that will be most popular over the coming period.

Where Can I See Previous Issues of Here at Home?

Every issue of Here at Home that has been published to date can be accessed here.

Is There a Physical Version of Here at Home?

At this time, Here at Home is published exclusively as a digital magazine. We’re currently looking into the possibility of publishing the magazine physically, and will update this space if there are any changes.

Who Receives Here at Home?

Each issue of Here at Home is circulated to our growing network of over 200,000 homeowners and pros across Canada. To sign up to receive Here at Home whenever a new issue is released via email, feel free to opt in to our email communications here.

How Does Here at Home Benefit Pros?

Here at Home is read by homeowners who are project-ready and already understand the value of hiring with HomeStars. As such, the magazine is an amazing advertising opportunity for pros who are looking for an extra dose of exposure. Not only will you be spotlighted next to content relevant to your category, but we will design your advertisement for you, meaning you don’t need to worry about finding the right words or pictures to communicate your brand’s messaging.

If you’re interested in exploring advertising opportunities in our next issue of Here at Home, contact your Customer Success Manager to find out if you qualify.

The Digest

At HomeStars, we make it a priority to stay engaged with homeowners because we know marketing output that keeps engagement high leads to more jobs for our pros. The Here at Home magazine is one of the most effective channels we have for accomplishing this goal. Each time an issue of the magazine goes out, we see a spike in job requests. Make sure your listing is up to date in advance of this by adding recent homeowner reviews to your listing. Log in to request a review today.

Questions? Contact your dedicated account manager, today, or call 1-800-701-9265.

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