Boost SEO to Connect with More Homeowners

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You’ve probably heard of SEO (search engine optimization) before, but do you know how it’s affecting your company’s search engine ranking? is optimized for SEO and continues to improve to help homeowners find your business first.

But you can do more to get your profile noticed. Improve your chances of being found by homeowners on HomeStars with these profile-boosting SEO tips:


Is your profile up to date? The more relevant and current your information is, the higher you’ll appear on the search results page. Ensure you’re using the latest iteration of your company logo, a beautiful cover photo, and that all your contact details are up to date, including company phone number and website.


Some pros add as many keywords as possible to their profile description to improve their ranking on Google. But search engines are smarter than that now! Avoid getting penalized and make sure your profile reads fluently without too much repetition, while still including important keywords for your business.

Use the Right Images

Make an impact on your SEO by frequently adding bright, clear images of past work to your photo galleries. Quality images will help you stand out and match with the right homeowners. And don’t forget to use keywords in your image caption.

Are you looking to learn more about how HomeStars can boost your SEO, and other SEO advice for your business? Then check out our webinar “Boost SEO to Make Homeowner Connections” co-hosted with Search Engine People and discover how you can connect with more homeowners.

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