How to Accept New Leads From Your HomeStars Account (On Desktop)

By logging into your HomeStars account from your desktop, tab or laptop, you can easily accept new leads with swift navigations and avoid missing out on new business opportunities!

Step 1: Open A New Lead  

  • Go to https://homestars.com/ and click on the Log In button on the top right to log into your HomeStars business account
  • Once logged in, under your company dashboard, click on the My leads button
  • Under new lead, you will be able to see your old and new leads. Click on a new lead to view the details.

Note: If you don’t have any new leads, you will see the message “You have no new leads yet”.

Step 2: Accept The Lead

  • Review the lead information submitted by the project-ready homeowner
  • If you are interested in the lead, click on the accept button on the bottom right. This will enable you to get in contact with the homeowner under the “conversation” tab. 

Step 3: Start The Conversation With The Homeowner

  • Tap on the conversation button
  • Type in your reply at the bottom of the conversation screen. You can introduce yourself, ask for more information if required, and leave your phone number 
  • Tap on the send button to successfully submit your message

Your message will be sent to the homeowner and you can follow up on the project from the conversation tab.

If you haven’t already, download the HomeStars for Pros app on your phone Android and iOS.

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