One day I noticed a small plant growing out of one of the gutters of my 2 storey vancouver special house. I called for several quotes and found that Dynamic Gutters gave a reasonable quote with good availability. I asked them to come clean my gutters and they did a good job.

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We had quite a large chunk of our lawn invaded by European lawn grubs and as a result, crows and raccoons were digging up patches of our lawn all over the place. We were at a loss as to how to resolve this problem until a friend recommended Nutri-Lawn and their nematodes. We purchased some in August from Nutri-Lawn and followed their instructions for application. Since then, we haven't had any problems with critters digging up our lawn.

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It was the coldest day of the year and our twenty year old Honeywell furnace stopped working. The pilot was on but there was no heat coming out of the radiators. I called one plumber who came and worked on it for half a day. He went to get parts twice but still did not have any success and was not able to figure out what was wrong. Then I called Rite Temp and, although he wasn't able to come immediately, when he came the next day he diagnosed and fixed the zone valve problem in about half hour. Finally we had heat again!

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