Natalie cleaned our home on a regular basis over several months. She was generally very thorough and always left the house neat and tiday. She took the extra effort to make each room look nicely 'staged' - arranging the accessories etc. She took great pride in her work and was the most detailed cleaner I had had. The work she did was always very very good. As with most cleaners I have had, sometimes needed reminding about the 'not so obvious' spots (high dusting, window/door frames, under the kitchen sink), but overall the best and most consistent cleaner I have had. Not always punctual, but I always felt I had good value for money. HOWEVER - one scheduled week she did not show up - no call or email - ever. She finally replied to an email weeks later that she had personal issues, but would be back on track and would be ready to clean for us in a week or two. Never heard from her again. My review would have been 4-5 stars and highly recommend except for this latter fact.

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