My fence along with 4 of my neighbours were destroyed as a result of the recent April 2018 windstorm. I called a number of contractors who were either too busy (understandable as a result of the storm), or weren't interested in jobs that weren't 'large enough' to warrant their attention. However, David Lanzillotta of V.R.D.C. Home Improvement Group showed considerable attention to my family's needs and concerns regarding the removal and installation of the fence(s). I spoke with David on a Saturday. He was at my house the following Monday providing me with a quote and working on the fence the following week on the Wednesday. Considering the time of year (Summer) and the recent storm, he started work on my house sooner than most contractors (my opinion). He and his team (who were a pleasure to be around) have been at mine and my neighbours homes each and every single day until all of the fences were installed. I never had to call him to find out where he was. I never had to worry about whether or not he would be on the job site. He always made himself available to answer questions and was always on time. Most times he was at my house prepping for the day ahead, before I had even gotten out of bed!!! He was patient with my questions and considerate of my concerns (few if any). The final work speaks for itself. The fences he and his team installed look...AMAZING!!! And, they are strong. I mean it would take a hurricane to move them, no joke!!! I hope some pics of the finished product are displayed so anyone can see for themselves. If you have any home improvement project, internal or external, I would recommend David Lanzillotta (V.R.D.C Home Improvement Group) to anyone, without hesitation! Thank You David and Thanks to your Team!!! Sincerely, Kyle

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Thank you so much for the business. It was a pleasure to work for you guys. Thanks for all the water lol I owe you!!!