Hired this company to replace a few shingles that were blown away during the last storm. Their advertisement quoted $259 including up to 21 shingles. I called and they quoted $650. I insisted on the $259 package. They said they can do that but I have to wait 1 week for the service and if the repairs require more than 1 bundle of shingles the price will go back to $650. I agreed knowing that I do not require a full bundle. They showed up on time, but insisted that the damage was "extensive" and they will require more that 2 bundles. They were dishonest before the job began, but I wanted the roof done at that point. The guy said cash only and no receipt. I told him no receipt no work. I left the house and let them work. When I came back, there was a nail removing tool left on the roof under 2 shingles on the side facing the street. I called them to alert them to it, as this is negligence and a huge liability. It could have fallen down on somebody's head and killed someone. They promised to come and removed it. They performed the work on a Friday. Tried to call them on Saturday, nobody answered the phones. Called on Monday several times, no answer... I got a handyman to come and remove it on Tuesday. Called them again on Tuesday just to test and their reply was: yah, yah, yah we will come and get it. Nobody showed up...

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During the last storm I lost a few shingles. Professional was the most expensive of 3 quotations. They quoted double the price of the second quotation and almost triple of the first one. The second quotation said they will not charge me for tax if I paid in cash. I went ahead with Professional because their salesman sounded more "professional" than the others, they offered a warranty and they promised to do the job the same day. Later on I was told the job will be delayed until the next day early in the morning. When they did not show up by lunch time the next day I called again. Their Salesman stopped answering my calls, so I called their office only to be told that the job will be done the next day. When I requested to cancel the job, suddenly they were able to accommodate me in their schedule for that day. The roofers arrived 2 hours later and finished the job in less than 10 minutes. They provided the exact number of shingles, the color was similar enough but not an exact match. As such, who knows how old or what condition these shingles are in...The quotation included a roof tune up and cleaning of the eves which they never provided. I did not wish to call them back and complain because I was certain I will only receive lip service after what I had gone through with them. The other roofers quotations would have me pay for 1 bundle of shingles per invoice (less than $50) and I get to keep whatever shingles that are left over. Moral of the story: If you have a small job stay away from this company. I felt so stupid for hiring this company. More expensive does not always equate to better service. I will never use them again

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Company Response

Hi Billy, thank you for bringing to our attention your concerns. Please remember that we all experience both sunny days and rainy days, and it's never easy to meet everyone's foremost expectations. All circumstances aside, we do not believe that your review rating reflects the true nature of events.

A brief side note: When repairing missing and/or damaged shingles, it's impossible to establish a time duration, also, it's almost impossible to exactly match both the shade and tone color of your old shingles, unless the roof was re-shingled the previous week. We are aware that most people are not well informed about any roofing activities, that is why we would like to welcome all potential and existing clients to come visit our office and warehouse. It's an ideal opportunity to meet our knowledgeable and helpful staff, and to familiarize yourself with all aspects of roofing activities. We are located at 120 Industry Street (Black Creek Dr & Eglinton Ave W).