The experience of buying our dream home was very challenging. The Cy Becker team of Sue and Patty helped us out tremendously. In fact, if it was not for Patty’s suggestion of the Zachary, we would probably still be in the condo being robbed of $520/month for condo fees. We looked at the Zachary and were sold. I can’t count the amount of times that we went to Sherwood Park to see the show home there. We had so many question, probably enough to drive Sue and Patty to drink! Professional, courteous, and people who actually “give a damn” about their client is just the surface of what Sue and Patty bring to the table. We would recommend them to anyone! Sue’s design of our basement was phenomenal! No wasted space whatsoever!! FANTASTIC!!, Note to CEO/VP: Did Patty get a raise? If not, she should! She made the suggestion to purchase. She’s great!!!!

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Company Response

Hello there,

Congratulations on making the huge step from rentership to homeownership! I second the props to Patti and Sue for making the suggestion; the benefits will be beyond expectation, i'm sure. You've also chosen a fantastic floorplan layout to set up in. I appreciate you taking the time to give such a lovely shout out to our Cy Becker dynamic duo. I'll be happy to share!