I can verify that Shim did get permission from my contractor to use my dumpster, though I was never informed of this arrangement. I would suggest in future speaking with the home owner before dumping, especially if you are showing up in the dark, long after the contractor has left the site. It did appear quite shady at the time.... ——————- Shim replaced a toilet for my neighbour. I have a dumpster in my driveway because I’m renovating my home, though I have never employed Shim. I have video footage of Shim driving his van up to my house after dark and dumping an old toilet and garbage from his work into my dumpster without my permission. As my dumpster fills with Shim’s garbage, I will be forced to incur his costs of disposal. I think this is a dirty and underhanded practice by Shim, who claims to be a professional. If Shim is unethical enough to rip me off by saddling me with the cost of his garbage disposal, then he is also likely unethical enough to rip off his clients. I hope readers will consider Shim’s underhanded tactics before employing him in future. There are plenty of good plumbers in Toronto, who will do all aspects of their work (including garbage disposal) above board and with integrity. Please do us all a service, and avoid this unethical plumber.

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Company Response

Hi Mick, We appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback. It is unfortunate that such a misunderstanding occurred. We had permission from the contractor on site to dispose of the toilet in his bin. We value honesty and integrity and would never illegally dump any of our materials.