Absolutely Terrible Don't Get Roped In !!!!! Alarm system works just fine but less than 5 months in and they jacked my monthly price up by 15%. They say no contracts and the power is with the customer not true! I paid $500 plus for the hardware upfront just to take advantage of the lower monthly cost yet less than half a year in and already a price increase of 15% on my monthly bill. When I called they told me it was an economic increase and basically its a pay up or cancel your account situation. Remember if you cancel your account all the hardware you paid for upfront is garbage and your home alarm stops working so they've got you. Don't get fooled by these guys only to end up disappointed and paying more every month.

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Company Response

Our monitoring rate was the first time we increased monthly rates in the 4 years we have been in business. And even with the increase it's still incredibly low compared to other systems. We are sorry to hear you're unhappy. Feel free to contact us and we will try to satisfy your concerns.