I bought a brand-new washer and dryer from Billa Appliance and paid for delivery, pick-up of old units, and installation. Two guys come by and argues among themselves that they aren't going to pick-up the old washer and dryer. After convincing them that I had paid for that service, the finally agreed to pick it up. Next, installation: They now turn to me start arguing that they are not going to do the install, even though the sales person said that they would. When they finally agreed, then told me that the dryer vent attachment would need to be replace for an additional $25. I said okay, no problem. They then go searching for the right tools to fix the dryer. After borrowing my tools they turn around and tell me that they don't have any aluminium tape to seal the joints. Anyhoo, after the work was done, they dinged my an extra $5 for the clamps and gaping holes in the dryer vent joints which I was left to fix. And in the process, they screwed around with the water hoses that till today is still dripping. Finally, the cardboard boxes. They simply refused to take that with them citing that this isn't their job. They guys are nut-cases on the loose. My new appliances appears to work fine, but the delivery guys professionalism and work ethics lead me think otherwise.

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Thugs, Scoundrels,... there aren't enough words to describe how bad this company is. NEVER use them or they'll ABUSE you financially. I used their services after seeing a pretty convincing ad. in Kijiji. What I got was two guys who took their own sweet time to move my items and then after the 5 hour move from my small condo to my new place a few mins. drive away, I get dinged with a hefty bill of nearly a grand + $25 to pay by credit card because I didn't have enough cash. They charge you extra for each flight of stairs going up and down. I got billed for five flight of stairs. They charge you extra for each bulky item. They define what is bulky and what isn't. They charge you extra for a sofabed. They charge you extra for each heavy item. They again define what is heavy and what isn't. So for example with a sofabed, you get charged for a bulky item + sofabed + heavy item. They charge you extra for service charge. What the #(@&??? Plus all applicable taxes They ripped my leather sofabed. They broke my ikea closet. They dumped practically everything in my ground-level basement room. Never will I ever use their service again. I must have done something bad in my life to have been punished by these guys. BEWARE -- save yourself the trouble of looking for something cheap (as I thought I did) and go with a reliable moving company.

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