Shortly after the arrival of our second child, I realized that the walls of our nearly 100 year old house were paper thin. I was frantic to find a solution and came across SQSP online at about 5am!!! Brendan came to give us a quote and I was really optimistic about moving forward with the work. On the plus side, everyone was very nice and professional to deal with. Unfortunately that’s really the end of the positives. The work ended up costing us 30% more than the original quote because the first sound test failed and more work was required. The job was supposed to be completed in 3 days but ended up taking about 6 weeks because small things needed to be fixed/done. However, the biggest disappointment was the work itself. I’d have no problem with the additional cost or time if the soundproofing actually worked. I would say we spent over $3,000 and got maybe a 25-30% sound reduction. Definitely not what I was hoping for - especially given the cost.

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Company Response

Hi Skirin,

We're so sorry to read your review and your disappointment. However we are confused by it, since you never mentioned any of these issues to us directly during or after the project.

We politely disagree with your assessment that the cost did not reflect the result you were given.

We designed your soundproofing project to achieve an STC rating of 45 at a cost of under $17 per square foot, which is at the very low end of soundproofing installation costs, and which we communicated to you directly.

To achieve a higher STC rating and better soundproofing result, a higher budget would have been needed. Costs for STC ratings in the 50-55 range are $23-$27 per square foot (these are benchmark prices in Canada and not extraordinary). However, you communicated to us that you did not want to increase your budget and that a lower STC rating would be satisfactory to you.

Most of our clients will spend in the $3,500 to $4,500 range to soundproof their master bedroom or nursery, and they have been very happy with the results and value of the soundproofing installation.

Again, we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the results, however we do wish that you had communicated this to us directly, and discussed the budget issue with us so that we could have worked with you to increase the soundproofing performance.

Wishing you all the best and success in the future,

So Quiet Soundproofing