I purchase a gas dryer in December 2017 the guy gave me a 90days warranty, it took me a few days to hook it up because I own a garage and I was pretty busy. when I did hook up the dryer it didn’t heat it only spin. I called the guy he said his name was Andrew and told him the dryer is not working, the first thing he said to me was that wasn’t is problem. I was stunned to say the least, he said I broke the dryer and he’s not fixing it, I said first of all I didn’t break the dryer I turned it on and it didn’t work and I have 90days warranty so what do u want me to do I need to dry my clothes, he said “my friend am not coming out to your house to fixed or replace your dryer it’s too cold” whenever it gets warm then I will come out and see what I can do. After a month he finall came out and replace the dryer. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER, HE IS AGRESSIVE, THREATING, EXTREMELY RUDE, I would never buy from this store ever again, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY AND HIS STORE.

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