I'm really conflicted on what to put into this review as I can't completely reconcile the experience I had with Dwayne. The good: - Initial responsiveness, knowledge, conscientious - Super-responsive in emergencies (e.g. called me within 15 minutes on Christmas Day in a no-heat situation). - Personable, polite The challenging - Scheduling a follow-up service call - I tried for 18 months (seriously) to get him to come fix a few things, do an installation, and annual service. Ultimately I gave up. - Some questionable decisions about installation (installing contrary to the manufacturer recommendations), but I could potentially chalk that up to a difference in expert opinion, although I haven't had any problems since things were corrected. Eventually and unfortunately, Dwayne dropped off the face of the earth and left me with a major problem: he recommended and installed a product that did not have a wide network of certified technicians. It took me a lot of searching to find someone who could provide the service I needed. Very disappointing (however, he was nice enough that I hope nothing serious has happened to him).

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Saved me a service call -- THANKS!!! Detail: my refrigerator was struggling to stay cold -- MA knew my model right away and told me to vacuum the dust from the condenser coil underneath the unit. It worked perfectly and everything is back to normal.

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Thank you for that great review!!!