My truthfully honest advice: Do NOT use this company/person called Scott for your flooring needs. My husband and I had a nightmare lasted three months. (I literally lose sleep thinking about what to do with him) He never finished what he promised to finish. Dragged on for almost THREE MONTHS. Naively and trusting, we paid him before everything finally settled. My husband and I took turns to try to contact him ever since, he basically stopped responding to our text messages or phone calls. Once he decided to reply (maybe one out of ten messages we sent out over the months), he gave us all sorts of excuses/l*es to delay the situation and not deal with the problems. After almost three months of trying to chase him down, he eventually told us he sold all his tools and is no longer doing the business, that he has nothing to do with it anymore, good luck to us. So if he is still out there trying to get jobs from you, YOU KNOW he is obviously a l*ar. Warning: Do NOT use this guy, he is not someone you can trust and do business with.

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