I called Bin Solutions after reading their reviews on Home Stars. They did not disappoint. Zion was very friendly and respectful. He went out of his way to meet me to quote the custom shed. The price was a bit on the expensive side (I thought). But after comparing other shed solutions and the fact that I would have to assemble it myself, Bin Solutions is priced properly. The quality of the shed is very very good. I was impressed as a contractor myself. I would recommend this company to anyone in Toronto looking to protect their garbage bins from the critters of the city.

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I booked a package and specifically asked for them to tell me when they would be on site so that I could cut the grass before they put seed down. They showed up twice on two separate occasions without proper notification. The 2nd time, they broke the gate latch and wood. They sent someone back to "look" at the broken latch, but instead took it upon themselves to fix it without my permission and made the problem worse. Then I spoke to the person who tried to fix it and he was extremely rude as if I was stupid for not being happy that he took it upon himself to fix the gate that he broke. At the end of the day, I spoke to a reasonable manager and he agreed to pay for the repairs, but he demanded and official invoice from a contractor. I have not provided it because I just fixed it myself and ate the cost. All in all, it was an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with WEED MAN….and if you read other reviews online and in the newspaper… they are borderline crooks! Stay away!

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Company Response

Due to our error in scheduling the seeding service all outstanding balances for the work performed were removed and the client was not required to pay any amount. The damage to the gate initially appeared superficial, hence the immediate reaction to repair it with tools on hand. When it was indicated that a specialized repair was required, we agreed to cover the cost and requested a receipt for work performed (for our records), which is not unreasonable. The decision not to submit this receipt was made by the client, and in no part by Weed Man.

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They were the best price for a custom mahogany door and responded quickly to me and seemed quite professional during the selling process, so we placed our order 6 months before the door should have been installed. 3 Weeks before the install date, we could not get communication from them for over a week. We then find out that their product comes from Europe and that there was going to be huge shipping delays, due to "the size of the door". After 6 weeks of delays and stories, they finally come to install it, on Christmas eve and it takes them over 10 hours (until 11pm). The glass in the door was cut wrong so they had to board it up with plywood until the glass was remade. The installers completely destroyed the mortis lock, which had to be re-ordered. The door ended up being damaged by the installers. They had to send a refinisher back to fix the door, twice. They tell me that this was a rare situation, but we feel that they probably work like this all the time.

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