Approximately 9 years ago Craig took on the job of painting our 4 unit heritage house. He was very personable and worked well with our designer. We knew early that there were going to be problems. The white sills were chalky with very poor paint coverage. He agreed to redo all the sills but unfortunately they looked no better. The quality of the paint product seemed very, very poor. As time passed, as little as months, all the white trim, soffits and undersides of doorway entrances were blotchy and very discoloured. Although we adored the colours and other touches he did, the majority of his work has left the whole strata very disappointed. Our previous paint jobs lasted 12-13 years. Craig’s work looked like it needed redoing very, very early. The paint on our doors can be scratched off with a fingernail. The poor surface preparation and paint product has left us with peeling areas, chalky discoloured surfaces and rotting wood. I tried many times to contact Craig to complain but although he promised to come by, he never did. I cannot recommend imperial painting.

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We chose Mainland Ventures to do our improvements based on the stunning reviews we read on Homestars! What a fortunate decision that was! We live in a heritage townhouse. We chose to convert our bathtub to a walk in shower. From our initial consultation with Paul, we knew we were in good hands. We felt as though we were Mainland’s most important clients (knowing full well we were anything but). In spite of the small size of our job, we were afforded Paul’s attention and expertise. We were encouraged to describe our vision and advised if we were exceeding our budget. Any unforeseen costs were reviewed before proceeding. Russell was here everyday and worked hard. He is such a great guy who does amazing work. He is a perfectionist. His attention to detail is remarkable. After 4 weeks working daily on a bathroom, we felt he was close to being a member of the household. He arrived on time, was as quiet and unobtrusive as a tradesperson could possibly be. At the end of his day, he would tidy up (vacuuming!) and leave the project in the best possible shape. Outstanding! Mario did our tile work. He is very skilled having learned the business from his family. We marvel at the gorgeous results. We didn’t get to know the other tradesmen as well, but electrician, plumber and shower glass folks were all prompt and pleasant. Their work is more than satisfactory. We are so very pleased with the work Mainland Ventures did for us. We won’t hesitate to contact Paul for any future projects. My only concern....after all these amazing reviews, they will be so busy we’ll have to get in line :-)

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Company Response

Thank you for the thoughtfully written, detailed and incredible kind-worded review. Russell, Mario and myself are currently blushing from your praise :) You did fail to mention one very important point in the review however, and that is that you both have a saintly level of patience. When your tentative start date was moved quite significantly due to the RAPS hospital requiring more time than I had anticipated, your understanding and positive attitude made me want to work with you both so much more. There is technical skill, a knowledge-base, and attention to detail required to execute renovations competently but what defines the success of the project most often comes down to the human component. We have an amazing group of guys and couple that with remarkable people like yourselves and nothing but a successful outcome can be the result. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you. Should you ever require any future home improvement services, you are now an MLV alumni and rested assured we will always squeeze you in no matter how busy our schedule. The completion of your project is not the end of our relationship but the beginning. Thank you again for the time you took to write about your experience with us. Take good care.