My husband and I moved to our new home and had a wireless system from grand alarms installed. We did not sign any contract with them as we moved our system from our old home to the new one. The service is TERRIBLE, the fire alarm from grand alarm was going off for no reason and when we called them they said it wasn't alarming (even though you could hear it ringing in the back ground) they fought with us saying it wasn't going off until we spoke with several people and they finally agreed to send a technician who had to switch out our alarm.. meaning it wasn't working since the time of installation. Next the battery died in our control panel and needed to be replaced. our alarm was sending a "tampered" signal to the monitoring station. Grand alarm didn't contact us for 4 days and did not dispatch the police despite our alarm showing it had been tampered with, I felt so unsafe after this had happened and couldn't help but think if someone broke in and actually had tampered with our alarm that Grand Alarms did not dispatch anyone when they couldn't get into contact with us! Not only has these two things occurred our alarm system is so delayed when opening the door while the alarm is set it takes over 60second for the alarm to start sounding! Lastly we have contacted grand alarms and requested to cancel in which grand alarms is stating we cannot as we are in a 5 year term. when they send us the contract we have not signed it anywhere! Not only have we not signed they also only sent us 3 out 4 pages of the contact and when we request the last page we get NO RESPONSE! I would NEVER recommend this company!! I will deter as many people as possible so they don't have to go threw the DISASTER we have! overall TERRIBLE ALARM SYSTEM AND TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! DO NOT USE GRAND ALARMS!!!!!

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